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We are incredibly proud to farm the beautiful land at Sompting Pumpkins.  Our family has farmed the fields at Sompting and the surrounding areas for over 16 years. We understand the importance of embracing nature and do our best to implement planet-friendly farming practices as much as possible on our farmland. One of the ways we do this is by using traditional crop rotation.

Bee in a meadow of late summer flowers.This farming technique involves growing specific groups of vegetables on a different part of a field or vegetable plot each year. This helps to reduce a build-up of crop-specific pest and disease problems.

We also allow a proportion of our unsold pumpkins to decompose into the soil to build up the natural nutrients in the soil and improve soil fertility for the following year of growing.

As well as bees and insects, our farm is home to lots of other wildlife including the beautiful brown hare, so keep an eye out next time you visit us to see what wildlife you might see down at the pumpkin patch!