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Each May, we plant over 70,000 pumpkin seeds at our farm so that they are ready for harvesting in time for Halloween.

By early June, tiny pumpkin plants start to poke through the soil. These seedlings grow into long vines, often reaching up to 10 feet or more! By late June, the fields are usually turned a stunning shade of yellow with pumpkin flowers.

Pumpkin seeds closeupAfter this, the pumpkins start to form until they reach a size big enough to cut and carve at Halloween! When you cut inside a pumpkin, you will see hundreds of pumpkin seeds inside. These can be saved ready to plant and grow more pumpkins, or they can be cooked to make delicious snacks. We love roasting our pumpkin seeds with olive oil, salt, pepper and chilli flakes for a lovely pre-dinner snack!

We are proud to grow a variety of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes at our pumpkin patch. Here is a word search of all the varieties of pumpkins that we grow. Download and print a copy at home to see how many you can find!

Download the word search